Frans van der Elsen

Treatment of cancer not covered by regular health insurance

The Kanjer Papa Foundation goal is to collect gifts to allow financing of experimental non-toxic theraphy of cancer treatment. It concerns treatments which are not covered by the Dutch Health insurance companies. Most health insurance companies only want cover treatments which are scientifically proven. People suffering from it only want to live! Our Heroes.

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No guds no glory

Welcome at Kanjer Papa (Hero Dad)

This Foundation is for dad’s with cancer who are fighting themselves through this horrible disease process; Heroes! To start with the person who initiated all this: Miriam Severijns and her kids.

The trigger to start this website is her husband; the disease of Frans van der Elsen. In June 2012 he got diagnosed esophageal cancer with metastases in the liver. Doctors gave him without treatment 3-4 months. With chemotherapy maybe up to a year. At the launch of this website it is end of February 2013. He survived up to now… What a hero!

Fighting Cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease. You can hardly imagine what it does with you and with your beloved ones. Everybody knows someone with cancer directly or indirectly. We can all try to imagine what impact this can have in one’s live.
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What we also need is money. Or better: Frans van der Elsen needs it! Medical insurances in the Netherlands do not cover experimental treatments nor treatments abroad. You can be as big of a hero as you want, but you need money to be able to stun everybody.